Activity based lending for NGOs / Trusts / Section 8 Companies
Eligible Institutions
  • Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)
  • Registered community based organisations
  • Section 8 Companies
  • POPIs, CBBOs and Other companies
Eligibility Criteria:
  • NGOaTrusta / Sec 8 company, companies, CBOs which are in existence for at least 3 years.
  • Books of accounts are maintained up to date and are audited by the chartered accountant.
  • Have adequate staff and other infrastructure to implement the project.
Eligible Activities:

For agriculture, agriculture & allied activities, off farm activities, marketing credit, rural housing, rural sanitation and other activities leading to agriculture and rural development which helps to improve income, standard of living and quality of life of farmers, producer organisations and rural community.

Type of Loans

Working capital, term loans or mix of both

Rate of Interest

Rate of interest is linked to Weighted Average Cost of Borrowing of NABKISAN and as per the rate of interest policy of NABKISAN applicable from time to time.

Interest Margin to Implementing Agencies

NABKISAN would insist on lowering the interest rates and also give priority to those, who agree to reduce lending rates to the ultimate borrowers


Collateral by way of lien marked FD or mortgage of properties or personal guarantee of the key persons in the organisation or corporate guarantee of parent organisation or bank guarantees acceptable to NABKISAN

Processing Fee
  • A processing fee of 1.0% applicable taxes will be charged.
  • All insurance policies should be assigned to NABKISAN.
Repayment Period
  • Based on the cash flows of the project the repayment period to be decided during sanction of the proposal.